In 1974, Rino Brochetto, a long time immigrant from Italy, bought a piece of land in a very fertile valley in the little Karoo. He had a dream with the vision and commitment to start and expand the growth of Almond farming in the region and so he planted an experimental block of Almonds in virgin soil. His tenacity and dedication inspired his daughter, Angela and son-in-law, Hans, who had returned from Canada, where he practised Medicine, to believe in his dream and so they became actively involved in 1989. Hans and Angela le Roux, showing the same dedication that Rino inspired, worked tirelessly for years, through trial and error and without having the benefit of any outside professional input, or farming advice, they succeeded in growing the first commercial Almond farm in South Africa. Reni, their daughter and Stephan their son, both graduates from the University of Stellenbosch, joined the family farm, bringing a new and fresh outlook to the business. Reni, having travelled quite extensively abroad after her studies, now manages the Marketing and Distribution. She has also established her online shop – for smaller clients making local almonds accessible directly to the consumer.

Stephan is involved in the Agricultural Production and Marketing of Orchard Harvesting Equipment related to the tree nut farming. With the same strong emotional bond and love of the land, as their parents and Italian Grandfather, the family has created this oasis in the Little Karoo. They share the commitment in bringing only the best quality Almonds to their customers, evidenced by the long and trusting business relationships they have established over the past 20 years and more. Situated between Montagu and Barrydale in the Western Cape and in the midst of Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, is a working and fully productive farm, assisted by a team of dedicated workers who has been with the farm from the start, some second generation already. Isolated from the hustle and bustle of noisy cities, with fresh air, open spaces and dreamy, quiet, starry nights, this part of paradise is a testament to the tenacity and positive energy of a family who loves and toiles this wonderful land, and of their faith and dedication in realising Nonno Rino’s dream. Welcome to Amanteco!

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